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Join us for 
Nevertheless We Persist Madness!

How are you getting by/getting through/resisting/recharging? 
 Come join the conversation!

Monday, February 24th

$5 suggested donation at the door


at the Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd Street, #104
Long Island City, NY

theme chosen by
Kari Bentley-Quinn
Co-Founder, Mission to (Dit)Mars

featuring new plays by 
borough-based playwrights:
Jonathan Alexandratos
Kari Bentley-Quinn
Will Brumley
Samantha Fairfield Walsh
Lisa Huberman
Jason Tseng
Amy Witting

directed by:

Ali Ayala
Jeff Aldrich
Roberto Cambiero
Christopher Diercksen
Nate Netzley
Melissa Skirboll
Michele Travis


Richie Altmanshofer
Jen Anaya*
Dylan Combs
Samantha Debecki*
David Grant
Chandler Gregoire
Nico Grelli*
Cary Hite*
Natalia Lopresti
Michael Markham*
Lucy McMichael*
Ashley Siflinger
Daniela Thome
C.L. Weatherstone

*member, AEA