Next Madness: February 6th

Padraic Lillis
Mark your calendars now.  The first New York Madness of 2012 will be February 6 at Theaterlab (137 West 14th Street).  And, we are proud to announce that our Guest Artistic Producing Playwright is PADRAIC LILLIS.

Joining Padraic will be the following writers:
Cecilia Copeland, New York Madness Founder
Judith Leora*
Molly Hagan*
Charlotte Miller
Rob Rosiello
Webb Wilcoxen
Donald Wollner

Please join us for what is sure to be another exciting evening of theater.

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Madness: is a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of emerging playwrights. Each night has a Theme which is decided on by the Producing Playwright. The Theme is given out a week before the event and then the collective works by all the writers in an evening kaleidoscope that cultural moment. It is a snapshot of a particular time, reflected in an immediate way, from our unique perspective. Not only is Madness for emerging writers to have the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a live audience, but it is a forum for all writers to explore the boundaries of modern theater.

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