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Madness: is a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of emerging playwrights. Each night has a Theme which is decided on by the Producing Playwright. The Theme is given out a week before the event and then the collective works by all the writers in an evening kaleidoscope that cultural moment. It is a snapshot of a particular time, reflected in an immediate way, from our unique perspective. Not only is Madness for emerging writers to have the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a live audience, but it is a forum for all writers to explore the boundaries of modern theater.

Please join us for March Madness Madness:
A Question of Sanity

March 29th, 8:00pm

Cherry Lane Theatre
38 Commerce Street

With Featured Guest
Winter Miller

Cherry Lane Mentor Project
13P and Sundance Fellow

NYMadness March Writers:
Micheline Auger
Cecilia Copeland*
Tim Errickson
Tanya Everett
Cara Jane Francis
David Hilder
Judith Leora*
And Directors:Jeff Aldrich*
Roberto Cambiero*
James Fauvell*
David Shane
Shira-Lee Shalit
G. Warren Stiles*
Ilana Stein*
Michele Travis*

And Actors:

Dennis Allen II
Reuben Barsky
Rachel Collins*
Jody Christopherson*+
John Concado*+
Bernard Davis
Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy+
Vince Gatton+
Michael Gregory+
Laura Hooper
Rose Jensen
Sevrin Anne Mason*+
Lauren McCune+
Karla Mosley+
Romy Nordlinger*+
Ed Stelz
Joel Stigliano*
Sara Thigpen+
Anna Van Valin*+

*denotes NYM company member     +denotes Actors’ Equity member


Angelina Fiordellisi (Founder and Producing Artistic Director, Cherry Lane Theatre) has long been a great collaborator and ally to playwrights both emerging and established. Cherry Lane Theatre is an important home for new work, and Angelina has generously opened its doors to NY Madness in the past.  We are honored to be back again this season, and cannot thank her enough for her generosity to us, and the many writers whose work she has championed.

Save the Date!

Last Madness of Season 5
Sunday, April 19th 8:00pm
Producers’ Club
358 West 44th Street
New York, NY
with Featured GuestTony Glazer

and NYMadness April Writers:

Cecilia Copeland*
Gina Femia
Amina Henry
Penny Jackson
Judith Leora*
Duncan Pflaster
Jeremy Wine

Don’t Forget the MadLab Deadline! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 14.54.13

This spring, we are having our inaugural MadLab — a week-long festival of readings of full lengths, one acts, and screening short films that grew out of Madness plays written by you.

Our submission window opens on
February 1st and closes on February 28th.

We are accepting Full Length, One Act, and Short Film submissions. 
Full lengths: 1-2 hrs long. 
One acts: 25-45 min long.
Short films: under 20 min long.

To submit please send:
A PDF of your full length/one act 
or a link to your short film
that grew out of a Madness play 
during the submission window to 

For the selected plays, the New York Madness Acting Company (NYMAC) and New York MadnessDirectors Company (NYMDC) will be given priority in casting and director assignments.


Please join us

for the 2nd Madness of Season 5

with  Featured Guest

Vanessa Hidary

“The Hebrew Mamita”

(Def Poetry Jam HBO, LAByrinth Theatre)

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 0.05.27

Tuesday, October 14th



The Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street

New York City

With NY Madness Writers:

Erin Breznitsky

Cecilia Copeland*

Lawrence Dial

Brett Epstein

Lindsay Joy

Anthony Noack

Christopher Gabriel Núñez

*denotes NYM company member


Free/$5 Suggested Donation

Directors and Cast List Announced Soon!

You are invited to

Radical Bias Madness


Featured Guest

Chisa Hutchinson

(NY Neo-Futurists, Blue Man Group)


Sunday, September 21

COW Theater
21 Clinton Street
New York City


(Free/$5 Suggested Donation)

With NY Madness Writers:

Alex Beech

Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy

Cecilia Copeland*

David Davila

Jeffrey James Keyes

Judith Leora*

Jerry Polner

And Directors:

Jeff Aldrich*
Terry Berliner
Roberto Cambeiro*

Emily Lerer*
Roxy MtJoy*
Illana Stein*
Michele Travis*


Tonia A. Anderson*+, Mark Campbell+, Jody Christopherson*, Dylan Combs, Rachel A. Collins, Amy Gaipa*+, Michael Haywood, Sevrin Anne Mason*+, Lauren McCune*, Romy Nordlinger*+, Maria Peyramaure*+, Carlos Saenz, Jose Sepulveda+, Carolyn Michelle Smith+, Joel Stigliano*, Marissa Wolf*, and more…

*NYM company member   +AEA

We are pleased to welcome five new NYM Acting Company members this season! Please join us on Sunday to meet them and celebrate! 


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