Catching Up With Adam Szymkowicz!


1. I heard a rumor that you don’t live in New York City seven days a week, and that you’re upstate. A lot of artists commute from upstate and are still a big part of the New York City theatre scene. Can you tell us why you made that choice and how you make it work for you?

We live in CT.  I have family there and my wife, Kristen Palmer, is the Artistic Director of a youth theater there.  It is often tricky to keep up my NYC artistic life but right now it’s okay.  (I also work in NYC but am only in the city 2 days a week)

2. You’ve talked about submitting a play something like 100 times to get 1 production. What are the ways you track submissions and do submissions that you find most helpful to keeping-up the pace on such a high output?
I am writing down in a notebook right now but in the past, I have just not tracked it in any way.  I have an email reminder telling me every Monday to send stuff out.  Sometimes that helps.

3. You’ve also mentioned you don’t apply for fellowships and the “golden opportunities” that so many playwrights apply for year after year and instead look for theaters who will dig your plays. How many productions would you say you had in the last years on average?

I do apply for a few of the big ones but not really grants and awards. Like I’ve never applied for MacDowell but I apply to BAPF and O’Neill and a couple others most years.  But yeah I focus on productions.  I had 21 full length productions in ’16, 29 in ’15, 10 in ’14, 7 in ’13, 11 in ’12, 8 in ’11, 4 in ’10.  This year is at 18 so far.  I’m hoping from now on it’ll just be at least in the 20s but these things rise and fall.  But yeah, I hope it will keep going up.  I should say that a lot of these productions are of published plays.

4. What have you learned from supporting other artists with your blog?

There are a lot of us and we are smart and often inspiring.

5. What do you have coming up in the city that we can go to and check out?

Besides Madness?  My next two premieres aren’t in NYC.  (I just had 2 in NYC but next, I have a show at Portland Center Stage and then a couple more that haven’t been announced yet.)  I don’t know when my next NYC thing is.

6. What are you writing now?

A new play.  I like it.  I think it will be good.