NYMadness with Neil LaBute

NYM Launches its 6th Season!

Neil LaBute (Featured Guest Playwright)

Directed by Marco Calvani


Photo by Aaron Eckhart

Tuesday, September 22nd

The 16th Street Theater
330 West 16th Street, NYC

With NYM Writers and Directors:

Dennis A Allen II, Directed by Michele Travis

Micheline Auger, Directed by Ilana Stein

Cecilia Copeland Writer and Director

Tanya Everett, Directed by Rebecca Nyahay

Judith Leora, Directed by Roberto Cambeiro

Michael Panes, Directed by Shira-Lee Shalit

Joshua Young, Directed by Lucia Bellini



Toccarra Cash,*Caitlin Cooke, Lucy DeVito*, Stephen Dexter*, Amy Gaipa*, Charles Everett, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy*, Clinton Lowe*, Andy Lucien*, Michael Markham*, Galway McCullogh*, Celestine Rae*, Stacey Raymond*, Joel Stigliano,