NY Madness Seasons Thus far:

 Here’s a quick look at our rockin’ 7th season:


Featured Guest Steven Fechter (The Woodsman)


New York Madness, Sunday Sept 29th


Produced by: Michele Travis  (NYM Head of Directors)

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New York Madness. Sunday Oct 234rd 


Produced by Michael Markham, NYM Head of Acting

Featured Guest  Mac Rogers (The Honeycomb Trilogy)


Fire This Time, Kraine Theater


Guest produced by Illana Stein and Dina Vovsi,

A Special Women’s History Month Edition

Future Baby Madness produced by Judith Leora, Managing Director

New York Madness, Sunday Apr 23rd

Theatre 167 Madness

New York Madness,  Sunday May 28th


Produced by NYM Michael Markham Head of Acting
Featured Guest  Adam Scymkowitz  (Clown Bar)


New York Madness, Sunday Jun 25th




Season One: 2010 – 2011
JENI MAHONEY – Order-Chaos Madness/13th Street Rep

CRYSTAL SKILLMAN – Target Madness/Primary Stages Studios

JOHN WALCH – Inside-Out Madness/ Primary Stages Studios
DONALD and MARTHA WOLLNER – Mystique Madness/Primary Stages

Season Two: 2011 – 2012

CHERYL DAVIS – Question Madness/Intar
J. HOLTHAM – Time Travel Madness/IATI
PADRAIC LILLIS – Get Up Off the Mat/TheatreLab
DANIEL TALBOTT – Spiritually Blue-Balled Madness/Joria
MAGGIE BOFILL – 007 Madness/Cherry Lane


Season Three: 2012 – 2013
DAVID ANZUELO – Killer/Do You Love Me? Madness/Joria
STACY DAVIDOWITZ – Urban Legends/Shetler Studios

ANDREA THOME – Summer in Winter Madness/Cherry Lane

ROBERT ASKINS – Miracles Madness/EST

Occupy Sandy fundraiser – Light at the End of the Tunnel/HERE

SAVIANA STANESCU – Outsiders Madness/Urban Stages

Season Four:  2013 – 2014

ERIK EHN – Time & Space Madness/T. Schreiber

CARIDAD SVICH – Globalization Madness/IATI

AUGUST SCHULENBURG – Identity at the Intersections/EST

MIA CHUNG – Double Rhyming/TheaterLab

JENNY LYN BADER – Free Advice/Cherry Lane

DAVID BAR KATZ – Love & Time Travel/Peter J. Sharp

Season Five:  2014 – 2015

CHISA HUTCHINSON – Radical Bias Madness/C.O.W.

VANESSA HIDARY – Worst Summer Ever Madness/Wild Project

NAT CASSIDY – Lycanthropy: Werewolf Madness/EST

WINTER MILLER –A Question of Sanity Madness/Cherry Lane

TONY GLASER – Injustice Madness/Producers’ Club

MADLAB Readings/Summer 2015

Season Six: 2015-2016

NEIL LABUTE – Racial Madness/16th St. Theater

MARIAH MacCARTHY – Genderf**ked Madness/The Brick Theater

Smashing The Patriarchy Madness/McGinn-Cazale Theater

MIGDALIA CRUZ – Walk on the Wild Side Madness/Cherry Lane Theatre