Season 2 Off And Running (2012)

Last night, a packed house was treated to QUESTION MADNESS with eight imaginative short plays by Cheryl L. Davis (Guest Artistic Producing Playwright), Ed Cardona Jr., Cecilia Copeland, Fernanda Coppel, Ryan Dowler, Jeffrey James Keyes, Judith Leora and Greg Paul.

Special thanks to Lou Moreno and INTAR for being such wonderful hosts!  We truly appreciate their support.

A big shout out to the fabulous actors who rocked it out as well: Angela Atwood, Jack Carter, Erin Cherry, Mark Emerson, Helene Gresser, Daniel Piper Kublick, Anna Lamadrid, Paula Moscoso, Gladys Idelis Nieves, Mel Nieves, Greg Paul, JJ Perez, Jess Ann Smith, Tatiana Suarez Pico, Nora Vetter and Gregory Wool.  And the awesome directors: Claudia Acosta, Dev Bondarin, Kristy Dodson, Erica Gould, and Kimberly VerSteeg.

We loved seeing everyone in the audience, particularly our other, supportive Madness writers: Micheline Auger, Molly Hagan, J. Holtham, Jerry Polner, and Lisa Ramirez as well as actor Michael Markham.

Thank you to Farin Rebecca Loeb for all of her efforts and last, but, certainly not least, Warren G. Stiles for running the whole ship!

Here we come IATI.  We’re looking forward to our next Madness on November 7th!