Judith Leora

Judith Leora(playwright) began her career writing sketch, animation, television pilots and screenplays. Judith is a Founding Member and Managing Director of New York Madness. Upcoming: The X and the Y(Bristol Valley Theatre Reading Series) August 2015. Recent: The Cookie Fight (Last Frontier Theatre Conference), Heart-Shaped Uterus (MadLab Readings, New York Madness). Full-lengths: The Cookie Fight, Elijah (Semi-finalist, O’Neill), Gideon, The Cad (musical), Who Has Taken My Bread? The X and the Y and Heart-Shaped Uterus. Gideon was commissioned by the University of Massechusetts (Lowell) and premiered in April 2013. Recent projects: Artisnal Jar (brain melt consortium) Where We Ended Up (Sticky); One Minute Play Festival: Indie Theater edition (New Ohio Theatre), Weird About the Baby/NYC Icon Plays (Ego Actus Productions); Fumes (short film), directed by Michael Markham; Crying in Nigeria, Pussyfest Redux, Caplocks Theatre;The Raven (co- librettist) Emerging Actors Theatre Notes From a Page (March 2012). Numerous short plays produced in New York, including multiple plays with the ESPA Detention series, New York Madness, One Minute Play Festival, Stampede Lab, the Great Unknowns showcase, Playwrights for Pets, 15th Floor Playwrights, the Have Another Bar/Play Crawl, Above the Bridge, Street Festival and Arkham Playwrights. Co-produced Gate B23, NYC International Fringe Festival (2010). M.A. (Playwriting): Texas A&M University (Charles Gordone, Mentor) – Graduate Playwriting Award.